I just love everything about art, so I finally narrowed it down to 3 of my favourite things:

Gift Packages

Pet Portraits

3Cs: Crafts, Cards & Calligraphy

You can order these unique gifts for your family, friends or clients! Check it out!

Gift Packages

Customized gift packages for your family, friends and clients. These are good for house-warming gifts, Christmas gifts, and many more occasions.

I specialize in helping Realtors prepare customized house warming or congratulations gift baskets for their clients. Start by filling in the questionnaire so I can tailor it to your client.

Pet Paintings

I love my dog (baby) Kissy! She is this white fluff ball of joy. I also love painting! ​I started painting Kissy's poses then had requests to paint my friend's pets because they said it lasts forever.

I wanted to share this with everyone! Pets are part of our family, they make everyone happy and are our comfort buddies.

Crafts, Cards & Calligraphy

I have a plethora of materials in my room to make beautiful crafts, cards and calligraphy (3 Cs). Incorporating all 3 Cs together produces a unique work of art.

Bookmarks, art pieces, framing, and so much more! These are perfect for special occasions, Christmas gifts, or an add-on to the customized gift packages.